Even a dark shadow, has its bright moments Part 10 {English}

This has happened: There has been a few months now and with Linnea's assistance, Sasha started to calm down. Linnea has taught Emma lot of new tricks to get the horse to trust their owners through horsemanship. Emma now rides a horse who trust her 100%. Not only that, she has promised to go with Derek and explore a little around Firgrove. Emma chose the course to follow, and are now waiting excitedly for that day to come.

- "Is it really that wise?" Asked Chiara when I helped her load up her horses in the coach horse trailer. - "I mean, you barely know him and he invites already you out on a date!"
- "It's not a date, just a social interaction. Additionally he wanted to check up one place in Firgrove that is not marked on the map."
Chiara every suspicious of it.
- "Let me come with you?, I have not far to Firgrove bridge so I can meet you up there!" I laughed.
- "I'm not 15 years anymore, I'll be all by myself. Besides, I trust him and Sasha!"
- "Emma, it's not about trust, it's about being careful and think two times before doing something, I do not like him. How nice and kind he is, I think it sounds like a lot of trouble! "She muttered and loaded on Lion. I had just fastened her own Arab Wildheart, who already stood and chewed on the hay. I felt a little lost. I thought my best friend would support me, but instead she started to say quite the opposite to me. - "I'm not saying this to make you sad, I'm just worried about you: For neither you nor I know him. Just because he appeared on lots of different places just where you are feels .." She stopped in sentence and fell silent. I looked at her and waited for her to finish her sentence, but she remained silent.

- "Do what you want but I will come."
- "No!" I raised my voice at her and she stopped and look up at me and into my eyes. I was boiling with anger and I felt that no one would have to decide what I was doing with my life. - "Chiara, no. You may not come, Derek and I'll just check a place in Firgrove. Stay home with your parents and help to Firgrove stables and let me do my own life., I trust him and do not need a babysitter with me! "She tricks again, opened her mouth to say something but closed his mouth again.
- "Okay, if you trust him, I may well believe it, although I do not do it!" She picked last horse and loaded on Madness. She closed the door after she fastened Madness and looked up one last time at me before she went to the horse trailer and jumped into the driver's side. She opened the window on the passenger side but no sound came from her. The engine started running and the trailer began to back at the vineyard. When she was getting ready to run out so she shouted. I opened the door to the passenger side.
- "Chiara I did not mean to .."
- "No, you did not mean it, I did." She looked up at me with shining eyes. - "It is not intended that we should be separated as enemies but I say it anyway because I care about you." She drew a breath and came to my senses. - "Take care now., Do not do anything stupid that I would not do!" I felt that the engine growled up. Chiara's gaze was fixed to the road in front of her and she was waiting for me to close the door. I closed it reluctantly and saw then after her when the last person left the vineyard and I stood alone, completely alone, with no companion at all.

The evening felt slow. The sun was shining and was still going down well over Golden ridge. I sat on the balcony in the vineyard library and watched the sunset. I tried to read a bit about horsemanship but everything seemed so vague so I let it just lie on the floor under the sun lounger. It felt lonely being all by myself at the winery and get mind to attend to all the chores myself and no one is there who can help me. I drank the last thing that was left of the tea, picked up the book and a block with pen and went back inside. If nothing else, I could go to bed and sleep. When I came into the room so there came a signal from the computer.

Skype was written mass communications so I clicked me into the person who wrote to me.
- "Hey, have you met him yet?" Chiara had come home to Firgrove and already managed to unpack everything so she could take the time to write.
- "No, I'm meeting him tomorrow in the afternoon," I wrote back and filled up with cold water in my cup and drank up everything. I got no response from her, so I left the computer and went to the bathroom to get ready for bed. When I came back, Chiara wrote again.
- "Okay, I must have forgotten it during the journey home., I'm sorry I made you mad!" I smiled when I saw her message. I know she only meant well but I was mad at her. I sent a heart to her.
I knew then how tired I where all of a sudden, so I sent a good night to her before I shut down the computer, put me on the bed and watched for a while in the ceiling. After that I do not remember more and fell asleep.

A rooster crows outside the vineyard. Agnehta and Berts annoyed rooster crows always early in the morning. I played slowly raised my eyes and looked around the room. First the sun's morning rays hit my room and into my face. I stayed in bed and pushed the blanket tighter around me and tried to sleep. But as much as I twisted and turned me so I realize that I would not go back to sleep. I threw off my blanket, pulled on my robe and started my kettle. I disappeared to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. I looked like a wreck. Waking up early was not not my forte and wake up early two days after another took its toll on me. I started the faucet to the tub and dropped the hot water for me. I brushed my teeth, got my teacup that I filled with hot water advancing and put down a tea bag.
I lay down in the hot water and enjoyed the heat. The whole bathroom was filled with hot steam that had nowhere to go, and soon the room was filled by a hot steam. I drank the tea and looked up at the white ceiling. I enjoyed and did not discover that I fell asleep.

I woke up and shivered a little. The water had almost become cold so I tapade the water at once, and pulled my robe on me. The time had already become 10 o'clock in the morning, so I ran into the room and picked up clean riding clothes.
My black denim pants were clean since I last washed them, so I put on them directly and a nice purple sweater.
I hurried out of the stall. No horses were inside now when it was so hot out so now the horses could go out all day and eat happy on the green grass.
I came into that lonely house and stopped in the middle of the aisle. Not a sound was heard. Everything was so quiet. All that I knew was not there anymore, but everyone had gone home and I was left alone. I shivered a little, not to cold for it was an exceedingly hot day to freeze, but because it felt so empty. 

What I would do instead now I did not know myself. Lubricate the bridles and saddles? No, I did yesterday after I weathered at Sasha. Suede? No it is not needed. All boxes are as clean as they can be that a clean suede box wins nobody on. I sighed and walked out of the house and down to the largest of all the pasture. There went all my mares together. Danny went into a smaller paddock away from them along with my pony Silver Rain.

In the mare pasture, ate all my fine mares of the green grass, when I went in to them. Anyone who stood in front of them all was my Andalusian mares Jewel Mystery and Silver Spirit. Both fillies lifted up their heads when they saw me come in to them, but continued to eat on the green grass. I came up and patted Jewel Mystery of the neck before I went on to Silje who chewed just as satisfied on the green grass. Her stomach had begun to grow on her now and it was only a few months left on her before it was time for giving birth. I felt happy to know that I would have a foal out of all my horses. A snorting was heard behind me and I turned around. Sasha had gone back and buffed at me and stuck her head in my arms. I patted her and hugged her then. The Baroness was right about Arabian horses. Once they turned to a man, it was just the person who applied for them. She lifted her head from my lap and went to eating on the green grass. I smiled and lay down on the grass beside them all three and watched the clouds above me. In just a few hours we decided to go and meet Derek. I could hear that I was breathing cooler and when I closed my eyes so I could see the scenes from yesterday when he and I were sitting on the dock in the Golden Ridge Stables. I opened my eyes again and tried to keep me alert and think about other things, but no matter how I did so came the thoughts back. I could not help but smile and closed his eyes once more.
Some good memories, I need to have for myself!

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