The light of mystery! - Part 12 {English}

They've past few days floating on like never before and it was already Thursday. I do not know how many times I ran back and forth to the bathroom, leaned me over the toilet and waited to throw up my breakfast. Nothing happened.
I sat down on the lid and put my head between my legs and tried to focus on the song I practiced on these two days. I had put all the notes, but it is always at a cut that I have not met the right of the note and it was on the third chorus I always got the wrong tone of the song.
Oh, I could not get vomit once, so I could escape my nerves.

- "Emma, it's almost your turn now!" Chiara knocked on the door. I took a deep breath, got up and looked in the mirror. I was always a shock to see the girl in the mirror. Brown hair with blonde highlights, rouged with brown cream and a thin layer of foundation and pale pink cheeks. Black mascara with a black eyeliner and white and black eyeshadow. I looked down at my clothes and I was wearing my favorite jeans and a blue / white checkered blouse, black / white sneakers. Around my neck, there was a thin rope from my black western hat that hung behind my back. I picked it out and put it over my head and laughed. Chiara really have fashion sense, because I did not recognize myself. Cowboy style is not my thing, but I could admit, seeing me standing there in front of the little mirror, I would not hesitate to try it.

I opened the door and went out. Chiara was leaning against the wall next to the door waiting for me. She smiled when she saw me.
- "That is so neat. Just hope Godfrey accept the choice of clothes for the song. "She smiled and tweaked my hat a little better. I rolled my eyes and we went out together from the library and into the yard. We stood in front of the stage with the audience, who stood and watched how Alicia and her two friends danced to their tune selection. Nothing I would have chosen for a girl group. Backstreet Boys - Everybody.
Should I sing a song maybe you should choose a Propper attire. And because the gang in the Backstreet Boys are actually monsters in the video and they are five, should Alicia and her friends made the same way they do. The dance they did was not wrong. But jumping around in mini skirts, tight tops and cute makeup, I had not chosen this song. The song that would have fitted into their attire, would have been the Caramel dance.

They ended the song with a forward voltage and came down into the splits. Jeez! I almost die of laughter and hid my face behind my hands. Whereupon they left the stage, appeared another girl up on stage. Although she was wearing a pink skirt with a pink and sparkly blouse. Nervous and uncertain twisted to the body. She lifts the microphone to her mouth.
- "Hi! M-my name is C- Cornelia and I'll s-sing Br-brakaway with Kelly Cla Clarkson! "stuttered and quickly became red in the face, ashamed that she stuttered. I felt sorry for her as she stood there.
She waved behind her and the person in charge of the music, the music started.
She lifted the mic too late and came off when she started on the first texts. But quickly came back out and could start on the first verse.
Her voice was good and she hit the notes right, but trying to sound like Kelly Clarkson when she sang. I have learned to try to sing in my own way, instead of copying others' voices.

- "You will get to sing a verse, two choruses and you know at the end before the last chorus." Whispered Chiara to me when we listened to Cornelia. I nodded. I knew it already and had been making with my music before, to make it sound like it is said.
- "Best we move there because it's my turn soon." I whispered back and we pushed us out from the crowd and hurried backstage.
Cornelia was the last chorus and middle of everything, she missed a pitch and got into a false note.
Alicia voice was heard in front of us. She stood with your back against me and with her arms crossed, she laughed heartily at the girl missteps in the song. Cornelia came down off the stage, ashamed and sad.
- "Yeah However, not everyone is born to sing!" Alicia raised her voice considerably, precisely to Cornelia would hear. Alicia threw with her blond hair and turned around to go, but stayed where I was standing right behind her. Her face was heavily rouged and the beautiful black eye, I gave her a few days ago, was below all the batter of makeup. By the makeup I could see a patch that was above her nose.
She just stared at me as she walked past me, along with her girlfriends, and disappeared from the scene. I followed her movements with my eyes, ready to strike, but fortunately, there was no trouble.

Chiara puffed out. She had kept in her breath for a long time and thought that I, that now there would be fights and fights back.
- "Okay, ready?" She asked me. I nodded. To see Alicia's face and hear her cocky speech, it made me braver than ever and all the nerves I had before, was completely gone.
I gave the disc to the man who took care of the music and went up on stage.
In front of me on stage, I had the Jury table. Godfrey, Zack and Daizy sat there with paper, pencils and an opposite mineral water bottle. Godfey, saw not the least bit happy while Zack and Daizy, lit up like two suns. A mix of jurors, a sour one and two happy trolls.
I lifted the microphone to my mouth and introduced myself and what song I would sing. Turned and nodded to the man who took care of the music and at one time, with a short pause for a few seconds, I came running to sing the first few lyrics in the song. Not so strange lyrics.
- "Grow up in a small town. And When the rain would fall down, I'd just stare out my window. "The jury sat more upright in the seats and behind them, had the audience started whistling and clapping. The feeling was lovely and it got me to continue on.
- "Dreaming of what could be. And if I'd end up happy, I would pray. Trying hard to reach out. But when i tried to speak up, felt like No One Could Hear Me. Wanted to belong here. But something felt so wrong here. So I prayed, I could brake away. "The feeling I had, I felt like I was born for this. To stand here, to show my talent and see all smile when I sang.

- "I'll spread my wings and I'll learn to fly, i'll do what i takes til I touch the sky. And make a wish. Take a chance. Make a Change and brak away. Out of the Darkness and Into the Sun, but I want forget all the ones in That I love. Take a risk. Take chance. Make a Change and brakaway."Everything went so well and I came in at the last verse before the last chorus. So many days and nights that I practiced the song. At home, on horseback, in the shower. I felt I smiled silly while I took in the last I had, but not too much or too little, just right.
The silly idea I had was to see myself standing here on the stage in darkness. Headlights against me and how fireworks ignited and exploded in the sky above me.
- "And brakaway, brakaway, brakeaway ..." Slowly, the music died out, like my voice in connection with the music and soon after came the applause. I smiled and bowed to the audience and jury, who smiled. Or, the two of them. The third, Godfrey, did not seem to be as easy to crack.

I came down behind the stage and Chiara threw her arms around me and laughed in my ear.
- "Oh my God! You were awesome! "She yelled and released me and wiped away a tear from the eye. I rolled my eyes at her but I could not help but laugh, because I just spent through, it was amazing I have experienced in a long time. Now it was just to wait until it was time to once again go up on stage again and hear who moved on to Saturday's semifinals.
The jury had little to do with would choose five to the semi-finals on Saturday. I had figured that we were over twenty pieces that come to sing for them and fight for a place in the semi-finals. I was number four among all the participants.
Chiara suggested that we go to the stables and riding out for a while, it would take an hour for them to listen to all the contributions and then select five finalists for the semi-finals.

And it was really nice to get out and ride again. I had really missed to sit on horseback and feel the wind blowing in my hair when we galloped across the meadow and down the old Moorland road that led us to the beach. Trees and bushes drove past, as in a quick movie and the only goal we had was to reach down to the beach and swim with the horses. Hellboy, which I unfortunately called my red gelding for, galloped on how fast he could and when he saw where we were heading, he increased the pace of leap and with ears forward toward the water, he threw himself out.
Chiara and Lion jumped in as awesome as we and soon began the horses splash with their front feet and the water went up over their stomachs and over me and Chiara. We laughed heartily and continued to gallop across the water with two happy horses, before we finally had to return to the vineyard.
We had already been gone over an hour.
When we and the horses went back to the vineyard, Chiara became quiet and she looked down at the Lions dark mane.
- "Emma, it's something I want to tell you, I would have told you about a long time ago." She began uncertainly. On her body language, I could see how unsure she was and she bite her lower lip of nervousness.
- "What is it? You're more nervous than I was before. "I said and waited for what she would have to say. But Chiara remained silent and just before we would ride up the steep path up to the vineyard, she stopped. I turned around and waited for her.
- "I might have done something that might make you sad, but also happy and heartbroken." She began slowly, her eyes were directed against the Lions dark mane and not on me. I waited anxiously to hear more. She made me curious.

- "But, I do not know if he comes or not. So I do not know if it's right to say something now and give you false hopes! "I stopped breathing and stared at her. He. He was the only word that I heard and I knew who she was talking about.
- "But- but how or rather when?" I tried to control my voice and make it sound normal, but I failed.
- "He did not know if he would get off the farm, but he would try." She continued, looking up from the Lions dark mane. Her face was sad, but not at the verge of crying. I also saw remorse.
I tossed around the head of Hellboy and we galloped up the road and into the vineyard. The young horse people, had to throw aside when I came galloping into the courtyard.
I tossed from the back of Hellboy and hurried me into the stable. Careless, when I tweaked him, before I then returned to the yard again. Chiara had just stalled into Lion in an empty box next to Hellboy and hurried after me.

We arrived at the crowd in front of the stage, who listened to the last artist. I reflected not so much about what was sung. Something with Candy Man was the last thing I heard before the song ended and people started clapping again. I looked through the entire audience, but the person I searched, did not seem to be here. Not gone by the stable either, or up on the The restaurant.
I sat down at the fountain outside The restaurant and tried to recover my breath. Chiara came and sat down next to me. Quiet as usual, until she opened her mouth and told me what she and Derek had done these past few weeks. About how they met and what Chiara tried to do to get him to remember. She also told me about his dreams. First, a blonde girl who later got a completely different hair color in the dream, the same day I colored my hair.
I should be angry. But I felt no such thing. Instead, I sat up and put my arm around her shoulders.
- "I know you do it for me, but it will be in vain." I whispered to her. We looked out on a gray brick wall, where the stage was behind the back wall.
- "I know!" She rolled her eyes and smiled. - "Avalon said the same thing, that it is vain. But you know me, I will not give up! "I laughed. She was right. Chiara is a stubborn person and she does not give up so easily.

- "Would he come?" I asked her. She made such a strange gesture with her head, that I did not know if she shook or nodded.
- "Yes and no. He would come if he could leave. "She said with a shrug, as if it would be better?
- "Then I'm sure he will not." I stood up and held out my hand against her. - "Derek still lives on Goldspur yard. He has lots of chores and I know Jacob Derek will not show up today! "Chiara took my hand and stood up.
- "But, are you going to see him again? I want to go with! "The tone in my voice became serious, but Chiara took the hint and nodded.
- "Oh come now!" She said and put her arm around my shoulders and we started walking away to the scene. - "Now, we ensure that you win, so we can go home! I'm hungry! "I laughed and put my arm around her waist and we walked to the back of the stage and waited for me to enter the stage again.

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